Competitor Assistance

How MiRally Timing Works?

The system records the participants coordinates during the rally course and helps the organizer to calculate the advance or delay of the competitor at each control point. Uses GPS of participants' cell phones to capture coordinates and the internet to send them to our servers.


A mobile phone with Android or iOS (Apple) operating system, GPS and internet access.
We recommend using modern cell phones like iPhone 4S or higher and branded Androids from 2014.

How to participate in a rally with MiRally timing?

  1. Register on MiRally:
    1. Sign up for the rally on the website calendar
    2. Register on site
    3. Register Pilot, Navigator and Vehicle
  2. Install MiRally Crono app:
    1. Find and install the MiRally Crono app on the App Store (Android or Apple)
    2. Sign in to the app with the email and password you registered on the MiRally website
    3. Check official time outside the house, where you have a GPS signal

Important Advices

GPS Accuracy

Huawei Devices

Huawei devices, have a low quality GPS, which does not allow to maintain the accuracy of less than 10 meters. We do not recommend the use of Huawei devices.

We are available to clarify any doubts through our Contact page.